Fight against Covid-19: Inside Chennai’s Corona Control room

India Today
Here’s how Chennai municipal officials are helping the city battle the coronavirus pandemic that has killed thousands worldwide and crippled economies.

Round the clock operations, staff working on a rotational basis, and the corporation’s commissioner himself overseeing activity: that’s the Greater Chennai Corporation Corona Control room for you.

Phones ring. Papers are filed. ▪ …

Covid-19 takes a toll on state bonds

The Economic Times
Mumbai: State bonds have started to show signs of stress with the yield differential widening by as much as 100 basis points for some states including Telengana, Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh and Jammu & Kashmir.

While states are looking to borrow their planned money at the time of managing a major crisis, lack of investor participation is pushing the yields unusually up.

The scene may…

Coronavirus: UK citizens worried about lack of testing as cases rise

India Today
Not many tests are being conducted in the UK and those showing minor symptoms have only been asked to self-isolate. Citizens who may have developed mild Covid-19 symptoms are worried that they could be positive but are helpless at the moment.

As of now, a total of 5,000 people are being tested every day in the UK — a number the government wants to increase to 25,000 in the next few…

Health dept flags high risk for pregnant women

The New Indian Express
According to it, pregnant women should practice social distancing and hand hygiene.

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: Are expectant mothers at a high-risk of contracting Covid-19? The state Health Department says ‘yes’. In the latest advisory issued for pregnancy and labour management in the time of Covid-19, the department says that as per available medical literature, pregnant women have a…

Coronavirus in India: Why 21-day nation-wide lockdown can help break the virus chain?

India Today
On Wednesday, a Muzaffarpur-based doctor told India Today TV that the nationwide lockdown announced by Prime Minister Narendra Modi is the only way to slowdown or possibly stop the exponential spread of Covid-19 infection among people.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi had announced a 21-day nationwide lockdown on Tuesday. (Image for representation: PTI)

When Prime Minister Narendra Modi…